True Story of War
Posted: Thursday, December 19, 2013

Posted: Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Suicide India" 1st Platoon of 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division (1967-68). The events are from the daily diary of RM "Cook" Barela, my machine-gunner, from the first day he became a US Marine and shipped to the unpopular war in the Republic of South Vietnam. Sgt.G.N.Dumont,USMC Veteran.

"Purple Heart Riders National Association" is having monthly meetings on the third Thursday of each month as follows: 

Meeting place: 177 Lake Street 'Firehouse' Nashua, NH 18:00 PHR-Granite State Chapter.

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Posted: June 28, 2017

Posted: June 28, 2017

Posted: June 21, 2017

Posted: June 21, 2017


Wed,  6/28 – Truck Arrives in Washington, DC from Omaha  (John Folsom)
POC:  *John Folsom, (402) 490-7875,
Thu & Fri, 6/28 & 30 – Truck & Drivers Tour DC – White House, DOD, VA, Congress
Sat, 7/1 – Mt. Vernon, VA to Goldsboro, NC (267, 4 hrs) -- MAJOR MEDIA EVENT
1000 - Departure Ceremony, Mt. Vernon (Chapter 353) – Ribbon Cutting & Departure Ceremony from George Washington’s home and the beginning of the Purple Heart Trail.  Local TV stations invited to broadcast live on morning programs.  
POC:  *Jake Schneider, 917-470-1114,
POC:  *Joan Flintoff, Dir of Events, Mt. Vernon, 703.799.8605>
Driver:  *Justin Burdette, 321-446-3326,
Co-Driver:  *Clayton Jones. 417-860-6372,
RON:  Goldsboro, NC

Sun/Mon, 7/2 & 3 – Goldsboro, NC to Jacksonville, NC (71 mi, 1 1/4 hrs)
Sunday - Day of Rest in Goldsboro, NC
Mon AM – Ceremony in Goldsboro, NC (Chapter 657)
POC – *Syl Wilkerson, (919) 920-7095,
Note: Pick up Lenny Lazzara in New Bern

Mon PM – Ceremony at Ford Dealership in Jacksonville, NC (Chapter 642)
POC – *Grant Beck, (910) 353-8247,C: 910-265-1474,
RON:  Jacksonville, NC
Tue, 7/4 – Jacksonville, NC to Charleston, SC (226 mi, 4 hrs)
Mon AM – Visit Warrior Transition Bn’s, Camp Lejeune, NC (Chapter 642)
POC – *Grant Beck, (910) 353-8247,
RON:  Charleston, SC
Wed, 7/5 – Charleston, SC to Jacksonville, FL (240 mi, 4 hrs)
Wed AM – Ceremony in Charleston, SC (Chapter 1670)
POC:  *James Lee, 843-559-5628, C: 843-693-1943,
RON:  Jacksonville, FL
Thu, 7/6 – Jacksonville, FL to Tallahassee, FL (165 mi, 2.5 hrs)
Wed AM – Ceremony in Jacksonville, FL (Chapter 524)
POC:  *Eddie Harrison, 904-703-2429 ,
POC:  *Lee Brown, (904) 999-7701,
RON:  Tallahassee, FL
Fri, 7/7 – Tallahassee, FL to Alpharetta, GA (300 mi, 4.5 hrs)
Wed AM – Ceremony in Tallahassee, FL (Chapter 758)
POC:  *John Haynes, 850-997-5328, C: 850-443-3451,
POC:  *Mike Ford, 850-893-6257, C: 850-321-1346,
POC:  *Jim Holland, (850) 545-9576,
RON:  Alpharetta, GA
Sat/Sun, 7/8&9 – Alpharetta, GA
Sat – Ceremony in Alpharetta, GA (Chapter 576)
POC: Johnny Hawes, (678) 779-8196, dec_15_49@
POC:  Mike Lambert 404-731-2662,
Sun – Day of Rest
RON:  Alpharetta, GA
(Change of Drivers)
Driver:  *Don  Towers, 770 479-9 656  Cell:  770 231-3954
Co-Driver: * Lenny Lazzara, 252-626-7046,
MON, 7/10 – Alpharetta, GA to  Knoxville, TN (200 mi, 3 hrs)
Mon AM – Drive to Knoxville, TN
Mon PM – Ceremony at HQ, Pilot/Flying J MAJOR MEDIA EVENT
POC: * Charles Cardwell, 865-494-8059,
POC: *Will Haslam, (865) 474-2123 ,
RON:  Knoxville, TN
TUE, 7/11 – Knoxville, TN to Louisville, KY (250 mi, 3.5 hrs)
Tue AM – Ceremony in Knoxville, TN (Chapter 356)
POC: * Charles Cardwell, 865-494-8059,
RON:  Louisville, KY
Wed, 7/12 – Louisville, KY to Marion, IN  (195 mi, 3 hrs)
Wed AM – Ceremony in Louisville, KY (Chapter 146)
POC:  *Kyle Lankford, 502-424-5004,
RON:  Marion, IN
Thu, 7/13 – Marion, IN to Tinley Park, IL  (203 mi, 3.5 hrs)
Thu AM – Ceremony in Marion, IN (Chapter 692), in the Big "R" Store parking lot, located 1401 W.26th St.
POC: * Larry Shaw, 765-664-9640, C: 765-618-4067,
RON:  Tinley Park, IL
Fri, 7/14 – Tinley Park, IL to Madison, WI (168 mi, 2.5 hrs)
Fri AM – Ceremony in Tinley Park  (Chapter 252)  
POC:   John Domina, 708-532-9180, C: 708-567-1334,
POC:  Dan Finn ?? (708) 837-4509,
RON:  Madison, WI
Sat/Sun, 7/15 & 16 – Madison, WI
Sat AM – Ceremony in Madison, Wi (Chapter 165)
POC:  *James Foseid, 608-238-8296,
POC:  *Jason Johns, (608) 209-0805,
RON:  Madison, WI
Sun – Day of Rest
Change of Drivers
Driver:   *Gregg Haak, (608) 873-5811, C: 608-215-4086,
Co-Driver:  Tom Haak (Father)
RON:  Madison, WI
Mon, 7/17 – Madison, WI to Hopkins, MN (285 mi, 4 hrs)
Mon AM – Travel to Hopkins, MN
Mon PM – Ceremony in Hopkins, MN  (Chapter 8)
POC:  *William Bull, 952-472-3088, C: 952-594-2374,
RON:  Hopkins, MN
Tue, 7/18 – Hopkins, MN to Sioux Falls, SD  (230 mi, 3.5 hrs)
Tue AM – Ceremony in Minneapolis, MN (Chapter 268)
POC:  *Willy Pargo, 612-965-1621,
RON:  Sioux Falls, SD
Wed, 7/19 – Sioux Falls, SD to Rapid City, SD (348 mi, 5 hrs)
Wed AM – Ceremony in Sioux Falls, SD
POC:  *Ken Teunissen, 605-274-3320,
RON:  Rapid City, SD
NOTE:  Ken Teunissen will join the truck in Sioux Falls.
Thu, 7/20 – Rapid City, SD to Cheyenne, WY (310 mi, 4.5 hrs)
Thu AM – Ceremony in Rapid City, SD
POC:    *Ken Teunissen, 605-274-3320,
RON:  Cheyenne, WY
Fri, 7/21 – Cheyenne, WY to Casper, WY (181 mi,3 hrs)
Thu AM – Ceremony in Cheyenne, WY (Chapter 0800)
POC:  *Brian Olson, 307-631-4445,
Thu PM – Ceremony in Casper, WY (Chapter 707)
POC:  *Daniel Carmona, 209-712-0395,
RON:  Casper, WY
Sat/Sun, 7/22 & 23 – Casper, WY to Missoula, MT (620 mi, 9 hrs)
Sat – Long Drive to Missoula
Sun - Day of Rest –
Change of Drivers
Driver:  *Tyler Huffman, 573-310-1883,
Co-Driver:  *Ken Teunissen, 605-274-3320,
RON:  Missoula, MT
Mon, 7/24 – Missoula, MT to Spokane, WA (200 mi, 3 hrs)
Mon AM – Ceremony in Missoula, MT (Chapter 2015 )
POC:  *Sergej Michaud, 406-240-9792,
RON:  Spokane, WA
Tue, 7/25 – Spokane, WA to Lakewood, WA  (301 mi, 4.5 hrs)
Tue AM – Ceremony in Spokane, WA (Chapter 470)
POC: *Randolph Howard, 509-535-7470,
RON:  Lakewood, WA
Wed, 7/26 – Lakewood, WA to Medford, OR  (409 mi, 6 hrs)
Wed AM – Ceremony in Lakewood, WA (Chapter 407)
POC:  * Bruce McKenty, 253-209-3166,
POC:  Aaron Boyle, 719-321-9924,
RON:  Medford, OR
Thu, 7/27 – Medford, OR  to Redding, CA (150 mi, 2.5 hrs)
Thu AM – Ceremony in Medford, OR (Chapter 147)
POC: * Larry Rupp, 541-779-8328,
RON:  Redding, CA
Fri, 7/28 – Redding, CA to San Francisco, CA  (217 mi, 3 hrs)
Fri AM – Ceremony in Redding, CA (Chapter 2001)
POC:  *Joseph Marvin, 530-222-3744,
RON:  San Francisco
Sat/Sun, 7/29 & 30 – San Francisco, CA
Sat AM – Ceremony in San Francisco, CA (Chapter 15)
POC:  *William Jackson, 510-406-3011,
RON:  San Francisco
Sun – Day of Rest –
NO Change of Drivers
Driver:  *Tyler Huffman, 573-310-1883,
Co-Driver:  *Ken Teunissen, 605-274-3320,
Mon, 7/31 – San Francisco, CA  to Simi Valley, CA (375 mi, 5.5 hrs)
Mon AM – Drive to Simi Valley, CA (Chapter 750)
Mon PM – Ceremony at Ronald Regan Library
POC:  *Michael Cook, (805) 565-3759,
POC:  Art Hershey, Docent, Reagan Library- (818) 222-9676  (note:  Married to Art Linkletter's daughter)
POC:  Steve Maline, Docent, 805-495-5042,
RON:  Simi Valley, CA
Tue, 8/1 – Simi Valley, CA to San Diego, CA (160 mi, 2.5 hrs)
Tue AM – Drive to San Diego, CA (Chapter 49)
Tue PM – Ceremony in San Diego  MAJOR MEDIA EVENT
POC: *Robert Hernandez, 619-208-2893,
POC:  Howard Pearl, CEO, CARS, San Diego- Office (858( 300-2902  Cell (702) 991-0101
POC:  *Doc Ruttledge 760) 723-3048.
RON:  San Diego, CA
Wed, 8/2 – San Diego to Phoenix, AZ (354 mi, 5 hrs)
Wed AM – Long drive to Phoenix, AZ (Chapter 790)
POC: * Joe Tidwell, 632-398-5918,
RON:  Phoenix, AZ
Thu, 8/3 – Phoenix, AZ to Flagstaff, AZ  (162 mi, 2.5 hrs)
Thu AM – Ceremony in Phoenix, AZ (Chapter 790 )
POC:  *Joe Tidwell, 632-398-5918,
RON:  Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort

Fri, 8/4 – Flagstaff, AZ to Albuquerque, NM  (323 mi, 4.5 hrs)
Fri AM – Ceremony in Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort (Chapter )
POC:  *Billy Weldon, 928-301-8698,
RON:  Albuquerque, NM
Sat/Sun, 8/5 & 6 – Albuquerque, NM
Sat AM – Ceremony in Albuquerque (Chapter 1966 & 176)
POC:  *Andrew Bennett, 706-304-1862,
POC2:  Roger Newell, 505-610-1533,
POC3:  Pete Comstock, (505) 270-4689,
RON:  Albuquerque, NM
Sunday – Day of Rest
Change of Drivers:  
Driver:  *Nicholas Thom , 703-850-0490,
 Co-Driver:  *Alex Thom (Brother)
Mon, 8/7 – Albuquerque, NM to Amarillo, TX (288 mi, 4 hrs)
Mon AM – Drive to Amarillo – No planned event
RON:  Amarillo, TX
Tue, 8/8 – Amarillo, TX to Oklahoma City, OK (260 mi, 4 hrs)
Tue AM – Travel to Oklahoma
Tue PM – Ceremony in Oklahoma City (Chapter 902)
POC:  Larry Van Schuyver, 405-630-5147,
POC: * Bruce Dwyer, (580) 583-6417,
RON:  Oklahoma City, OK
Wed, 8/9 – Oklahoma City, OK to St. Robert, MO (370 mi, 5.5 hrs)
Wed AM – Travel to St. Robert, MO (Ft. Leonard Wood) (Chapter 140)
RON:  St. Robert, MO
Thu, 8/10 – St. Robert, MO to Branson, MO (122 mi, 2 hrs)
Thu AM – Ceremony in St. Robert, MO (Chapter 140)
POC:  *Daniel O’Brien, 573-528-5433,
RON:  Branson, MO
Fri, 8/11 – Branson, MO to Little Rock, AR  (170 mi, 3 hrs)
Fri AM – Ceremony in Branson, MO (Branson Tourism Center) MAJOR MEDIA EVENT
*POC:  Randi McCormick, 417-332-7150, (Chapter 621)
POC:  Terry Gott, 417-838-0370,

RON:  Little Rock, AR
Sat, 8/12 – Little Rock, AR to Dallas, TX  (320 mi, 4.5 hrs)
Sat AM – Ceremony in Little Rock, AR (Chapter 431)
POC:  *Mark Diggs, 501-442-1237,
RON:  Dallas, TX
Sun, 8/13 – Dallas, TX – MOPH National Convention -- MAJOR MEDIA EVENT
Official Arrival Ceremony
Presentation of Truck Keys  
POC:  *Felix Garcia, (386) 793-8065,
Brothers and sisters,
I have attached the 2017 Purple Heart truck. The Truck has been modified for a person or persons handicap and will be given to a Purple Heart awardee at the MOPH National meeting. Last year a few members in Colorado as well as others Escorted the Truck throughout their state and into DC where the Truck was presented to a Marine.  Last years truck was modified so that not only could a individual who was paralyzed or lower extremities missing could drive the truck as well as someone who was not paralyzed could drive the same truck.  It had a crane that was in the truck bed under the topper that would lift a wheelchair to be placed in the truck. and this years vehicle is also to be just as great.
I encourage everyone to look at the attached schedule and route and if and when the MOPH Purple Heart truck comes through your area stop by and escort the truck as far as you can.  Please contact the local coordinator that is on the schedule if you do plan to escort and if you are on time to escort you may as well be late because of the tight schedule has to be kept.
AJ (Wrench) Johnson
National President Purple Heart Riders


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This Band of Brothers and Sisters, helping each other get through life and the journey to Sturgis, along with fellow veterans, citizens, groups and sponsors supporting this campaign, are the Founding members of The Next Great Tradition.

The inspiration for the ride and campaign began when Indian Dave and Johnny Reno, both Army Airborne veterans who met by chance on their way to the Sturgis Rally in 2014. Dave and Johnny were in the same Army Airborne Unit but served at different times. Dave’s active duty service was over 30 years ago, while Johnny’s was more recent.
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Every Thursday Night at 19:00 Weekly POW/ MIA vigil Meredith, NH

Every Thursday evening at 7:00 PM, people gather at Hersky Park located in Meredith, New Hampshire. The Thursday evening Vigils started in 1989 in an effort to raise awareness about the abandonment of Prisoners of War and those Missing In Action. The First Vigil lasted 15 minutes; one minute to symbolize each year since the United States declared; "There are no more prisoners in Southeast Asia. They are all dead." The vigil now spans 32 minutes. The Meredith POW/ MIA Vigil is believed to be the longest consecutively-held vigil in the United States. There has never been an unattended vigil since its inception. Vigil goers have weathered rain, sleet, snow, hail, thunder, lightning, and even temperatures of -37° F.