Purple Heart Rider Ring
Posted: Tuesday. November 25, 2014

Posted: Tuesday. November 25, 2014

Brothers and Sisters,

Ring production starts on Tuesday Nov 25, so order now!

If you need a half size ring please email the manufacturer.  They will be making only the amount ordered by all members + another 12 or so.
When I talked to them they are going to do their best to fulfill everyone's order by Christmas. However it could a week or two later. So please be patient.  If you haven't yet ordered Do so now making sure your ordered is fulfilled.

Here is the link:  http://www.mcclubrings.com/products/purple-heart-riders-exclusive-ring

Also if you are still looking for a get back whip set just send me an email, Now that it is getting Colder here in Colorado I will be sitting down to make some sets. 

They are in the colors of the Purple Heart Ribbon.

Get Back whips hang from either the brake or clutch lever of your Motorcycle. 

Get Back set Price is $80ea + $5s/H
Orders of 4 or more sets $70ea + shipping
set consists of: 1ea 38" get back whip ( longer or shorter just let me know the length you need upon ordering): 1ea 13" long "brain basher"; 1ea key chain- include length otherwise it will be around 8”
; 3ea vest extendersGet back Plus set $100; + set includes; 1ea 18” wallet cord; 1ea Para cord bracelet - Para cord Bracelet have a 3/8" adjustable metal shackle. Please include wrist measurement. Individual prices$40 Get back Whip; $20 Brain basher; $15 vest extenders; $8   Key chain; $10 bracelet; $20 wallet cord.   


PHR Southwest Region President